Doctor Who – Facing Eternity


The latest episode of Doctor Who, “The Woman Who Lived”, asked some interesting questions about immortality.

Many of us say that we would like to live forever, but would we really? What would it mean to truly have an eternal life? For a start, I think that life would lose its meaning. If we had an infinite amount of time to decide to do anything, we would probably spend aeons doing not much at all. Life would become an everyday background noise that we would be able to take for granted.

The fact that our lives end, within a handful of decades, is really what makes life so special. When you think about it, this brief existence should also provide a reason to live every moment to its fullest. Never knowing when this life will be taken from us is what makes each and every moment so gloriously precious.

However, we don’t, and perhaps for very good reasons, think about the finality of our lives very much. We tend to live our lives like we are, indeed, immortal. We feel that there will always be a tomorrow in which we can do this thing or that thing; but, the truth is, there may not be a tomorrow. Anything you’ve been really wanting to do, you really ought to be trying to do now.

This might sound bleak, but it isn’t. It’s actually very life affirming. If we at least consider the fact that our lives won’t stretch on forever, then we will truly understand that we don’t have all the time in the world to live that dream life; the time is right now.


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