A Will of Steel – The Fundamental of Success.

Answer this question – How do you get to a place you want to go to? Most likely, your answer goes something like: Find out where it is, find the most appropriate route, then follow that route until you get there.

My point for this short article revolves around the last part of the process; the following of the route until you get there. After all, this is the basic method of use in any successful journey. If you know where you’re going, and you keep going, you will arrive, even if there is a mountain range, or ocean, in the way.

This rings true for any endeavour. If you have a clear enough picture of what you want to achieve, you just need to keep making changes until it is achieved; keep up forward momentum. Obviously, they need to be the right changes that will take us in the right direction, but this is where diligent research of the pathway is required.

And what if there is the equivalent of a huge mountain in the way? Learn how to climb, or go around it. Whatever the obstacles to your goal are, you can get through them. Even 250,000 miles of cold space didn’t stop us from getting to the moon.

I love the analogy of the sailing boat on the sea, with the wind in its sails, driving it. If the boat is you, and the wind is changeable conditions in life; you just need to ensure you’re heading for that island. Yes the sea will be stormy, and the wind will blow you off course, but if you know where your goal is, and you make adjustments to maintain course, you must eventually arrive.

In conclusion, keep your mind fixed on the goal, and punch through, or go around any obstacle thrown at you. Know that nothing can hold you back but you.

Cultivate a Will of Steel.

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