Craig is passionate about changing the way we educate and train people. His aim is to help the individual become healthier, happier, and to give them their own lifelong toolkit for success.

Craig always starts with the individual as the important element of any team. He then finds what drives them to bring out their creativity which in turn increases their productivity helping them to achieve greater success regardless of the field in which they operate.

Bruce Garland
Group Chairman (Midlands) of Vistage International

Craig is an exemplary author. He produces excellent copy and delivers to deadline. His knowledge and expertise in his subject is superb and he is a pleasure to work with.

Philippa Faulks
Publishing Manager at Ian Allan Publishing Ltd (Lewis Masonic)

This is a superb book for Freemasons, potential Masons, non-masons, families, doubters, conspiracy theorists, everyone in fact. Craig takes a very objective view of Freemasonry, and if you read this as a book about how to live a genuine, authentic, credible and honourable life full of integrity, that alone will take you to a far better understanding of what is needed in the world.
Craig has really written something which everyone connected to Freemasonry – either positively or negatively – should read and reflect upon.

Jeremy Squibb
Financial Life Planner at Serenity Financial Planning Ltd

Do read this book. Freemasonry is so much more than a vehicle for charitable giving. It is a way of living the moral life as this book shows.

Dr D West
Five Star Amazon Reviewer (Journey in Stone)


Patrick Haddad
Five Star Amazon Reviewer (Journey in Stone)